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Care Key – restricted remote key

Updated 11/10/2020

Care Key – restricted remote key

A Care Key enables the vehicle owner to set a maximum speed limit for the vehicle. This limit is intended to promote safe use of the vehicle, e.g. when it is loaned out.


The Care Key function will be available at a later time.

P5P6-20w17-Care Key

A maximum vehicle speed can be defined for a Care Key. The key's buttons function in the same way as for a regular remote key.

This restriction is intended to help reduce the risk of accidents and help the driver feel more secure when handing over the vehicle to e.g. a young driver, parking attendant or workshop.

Ordering a Care Key

One or more Care Key can be ordered from a Volvo retailer. A total of twelve keys can be programmed and used for the same vehicle. Up to ten may be restricted keys, but at least two must be standard remote keys.

The set maximum speed applies to all Care Key keys.

Use Care Key

When the vehicle is unlocked using a Care Key, without a regular remote key nearby, the preset maximum speed will be activated.

Indication in the instrument panel

When Care Key is being used, this will be indicated by a symbol in the instrument panel and a red line on the speedometer indicating the maximum speed.



P6-20w37-DIM-Symbol-Restricted Key Limit

Speed limitation is active.

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