Drive modes

Regenerative braking

Updated 11/10/2020

Regenerative braking

The vehicle uses braking energy and regenerates current to the battery when the driver releases the accelerator pedal or when the brake pedal is used.

P5P6-2037-iCup-Regenerative braking meter in driver display

Indication in the instrument panel during regenerative braking.

Regeneration using the accelerator pedal

Release the accelerator pedal.

The vehicle brakes with the selected braking effect and charging is indicated in the instrument panel.


If the braking effect exceeds a certain level, the brake light will come on.

Regeneration using the brake pedal

Depress the brake pedal.

The vehicle brakes and charging is indicated in the instrument panel.

Activating or deactivating regenerative braking

Tap in the center display.

Select Driving.

Activate or deactivate One Pedal Drive.

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