Driving recommendations

Economical driving

Updated 11/10/2020

Economical driving

To achieve the longest possible driving range, the driver should plan the trip and adapt driving style and speed to the current situation.

Before driving

  • Whenever possible, precondition the vehicle before driving by connecting the charging cable to an electrical outlet.
  • If preconditioning is not possible when it is cold outside, use seat and steering wheel heating first. Avoid heating the entire passenger compartment to reduce the amount of current being taken from the battery.
  • The type of tires and inflation pressure used could affect energy consumption – consult an authorized Volvo workshop for advice on suitable tires.
  • Remove unnecessary items from the vehicle - the heavier the load, the higher the fuel consumption.

While driving

  • Maintain a steady speed and a generous following distance to traffic ahead to minimize braking.
  • When braking, the battery is charged by:
    • braking lightly using the brake pedal.
    • release the accelerator pedal and make sure that regenerative braking is activated.
  • Higher speeds increase energy consumption because air resistance increases with speed.
  • In a cold climate, reduce heating of the windshield/rear window, mirrors, seats and the steering wheel.
  • Avoid driving with the windows open.
  • Do not use the accelerator pedal to keep the vehicle stationary on an uphill gradient. Instead, activate the auto-hold brake function at a standstill.
  • If possible, turn off the climate system when driving shorter distances after preconditioning.

After driving

  • If possible, park in a climate-controlled garage with vehicle charging outlets or stations.

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