XC40 Recharge Pure Electric


Electric motor and charging

Charging in the vehicle's center display

Updated 11/10/2020

Charging in the vehicle's center display

The center display can be used to set charging level, unlock the charging cable and set current intensity (amperage).

To access charging in the vehicle's center display, tap and then Charging. When charging is started, the view for charging is also activated in the vehicle's center display.

Setting charge level

iCup- 2037-  Charge status CSD
Current charge status of the battery.
Swipe to set desired charge level. The charge level will remain the same until the next time, unless it is changed in the center display or via the Volvo app.

Schedule charging

When charging using alternating current, it is possible to schedule and set start and stop times for charging. It is not possible to charge outside set start and stop times. Tap Set timer to schedule charging.

Unlocking the charging cable

Tap Unlock cable in the center display to cancel charging. Charging will stop when the charging cable is unlocked.

Setting amperage

It is possible to set the current intensity (amperage) for charging with alternating current. Tap to set the amperage. The amperage currently used for charging is shown in the center display.

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