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Checking trailer lights

Updated 11/10/2020

Checking trailer lights

When connecting a trailer, make sure that the trailer's lights are functioning before starting to drive.

Checking trailer lights*

Automatic check

When the trailer has been connected to the vehicle's electrical system, its lights can be checked by automatically activating them. This function helps the driver check that the trailer's lights are functioning correctly before starting to drive.

When a trailer is connected to the towbar, the message Perform a trailer lamp check? will appear in the instrument panel.

Acknowledge the message by pressing the O button on the right-side steering wheel keypad.

The light check will begin.

Get out of the vehicle to perform the check.

All of the lights on the trailer will begin flashing, and then illuminate separately one at a time.

Visually check that all of the trailer's lights are functioning correctly.

After a short time, all of the trailer's lights will start flashing again.

The light check is completed.

Trailer rear fog light

When a trailer is connected, the vehicle's rear fog light may not illuminate and rear fog light functionality is instead transferred to the trailer. If this is the case, check to see if the trailer is equipped with a rear fog light before activating the vehicle's fog lights when driving with a trailer to help ensure safe operation.

Symbols and messages in the instrument panel

If one or more of the turn signals or brake lights on the trailer is not working, a symbol and message will be displayed in the instrument panel. The other lights on the trailer must be checked manually by the driver before the vehicle is driven.



P5P6-2037-iCup-Trailer turn indicator

Right trailer turn indicator malfunction

Left trailer turn indicator malfunction

P5P6-2037-iCup-Trailer brake light

Trailer brake light malfunction

If any of the trailer's turn signal lights is not working, the turn signal symbol in the instrument panel will also flash more quickly than normal.

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