Cruise Control functions

Passing assistance

Updated 1/31/2020

Passing assistance

Passing assistance can assist the driver when passing other vehicles. The function can be used with Pilot Assist or Adaptive Cruise Control* (ACCAdaptive Cruise Control).

How passing assistance works

When Pilot Assist or ACC is following another vehicle and you indicate that you intend to pass that vehicle by using the turn signalOnly the left-hand turn signal for left-hand drive vehicles, or right-hand turn signal for right-hand drive vehicles., the system will begin accelerating toward the vehicle ahead before your vehicle has moved into the passing lane.

The function will then delay a speed reduction to avoid early braking as your vehicle approaches a slower-moving vehicle.

The function remains active until your vehicle has passed the other vehicle.


Please note that this function can be activated in more situations than just passing another vehicle, such as when a direction indicator is used to indicate a lane change or before exiting to another road – the vehicle will then briefly accelerate.

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