Pilot Assist

Collision risk warning from driver support

Updated 1/31/2020

Collision risk warning from driver support

The driver support systems Pilot Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control*Adaptive Cruise Control can help alert the driver if the distance to the vehicle ahead suddenly decreases to an unsafe distance.

P5-1617-v54x-CitySafety Princip m Koll-varning

Collision warning audible signal and symbol.

Acoustic collision warning signal
Collision warning symbol
Camera/radar sensor distance monitoring

Driver support uses approx. 40% of the vehicle's braking capacity. If a situation requires more braking force than driver support can provide, and if the driver does not apply the brakes, a warning light and audible warning signal will be activated to alert the driver that immediate action is required.


The driver support system only issues a warning for vehicles detected by its radar unit – thus, a warning may come after a delay or not at all. Never wait for a warning. Apply the brakes when necessary.

P5-1507 HUD collision warning

Collision warning symbol on the windshield.

In vehicles equipped with a head-up display*, a flashing warning symbol will be displayed on the windshield.


Visual warnings on the windshield may be difficult to notice in cases of strong sunlight, reflections, extreme light contrasts, or if the driver is wearing sunglasses or is not looking straight ahead.

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