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Air quality

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Air quality

The materials used in the passenger compartment and air filtering system have been selected to ensure a high level of air quality in the passenger compartment.

Advanced Air Cleaner*

Advanced Air Cleaner is a fully automatic air cleaner that traps airborne particulate matter, exhaust and other pollutants in the passenger compartment air filter, which improves the climate in the passenger compartment.


The CleanZone function monitors the conditions affecting good air quality in the passenger compartment and indicates whether they are fulfilled or not.

Clean Zone Interior Package*

Clean Zone Interior Package (CZIP) is a series of modifications that filters even more allergy and asthma-inducing substances and other pollutants from the passenger compartment.

Interior Air Quality System*

Interior Air Quality System (IAQS) is a fully automatic air quality system that removes gases and particles to reduce odors and contaminants in the passenger compartment.

Activating and deactivating the air quality sensor*

The air quality sensor is part of the fully automated Interior Air Quality System (IAQS).

Passenger compartment air filter

All air entering the passenger compartment through the climate control system intake is filtered.


Pre-cleaning of the vehicle before driving is used to improve the air quality in the passenger compartment.

Starting and stopping air purification*

Air purification improves the air quality in the passenger compartment before driving. The function can be started in the center display or from a cellular phone.

Air Quality app

The Air Quality app is a service that visualizes the measured concentration of airborne particulate matter inside the vehicle over time.