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Brake fluid specifications

The medium in the hydraulic brake system is called brake fluid and is used to transfer pressure from e.g. a brake pedal via a master brake cylinder, which in turn actuates the brake calipers.

Brake functions

The vehicle's brakes are used to reduce speed or prevent the vehicle from rolling.

Auto-hold brakes

With the Auto-hold brake function, the driver can release the brake pedal and the brakes will remain applied, for example, when the vehicle has stopped at a traffic light or intersection.

Activating and deactivating Auto-hold at a standstill

The Auto-hold brake function at a standstill is activated with the button in the tunnel console.

Braking assist after a collision

In a collision in which the activation level is reached for the pyrotechnic seat belt tensioners or airbags, or if a collision with a large animal is detected, the vehicle's brakes will be automatically activated. This function is intended to help prevent or reduce the effects of any subsequent collision.

Hill Start Assist

The function for assisting when starting the vehicle on inclines (HSA* ) helps prevent the vehicle from rolling backward when starting on an uphill gradient. When backing up a hill, HSA helps prevent the vehicle from rolling forward.

Regenerative braking*

The vehicle recovers kinetic energy during braking in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

Low Speed Control*

The low-speed function (LSC* drive mode.

Hill Descent Control*

The function for assisting when driving downhill (HDC* drive mode.