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The kickdown function

Kickdown can be used when maximum acceleration is needed e.g. when passing.

The Launch function*

Launch can be used to provide maximum acceleration from a standstill. The function is available for the drive modes: Dynamic, Comfort and Individual.


The transmission is part of the vehicle's driveline (power transmission) between the engine and the drive wheels. The function of the transmission is to change gears depending on speed and power needs.

Automatic transmission

Gear position is selected automatically to make driving as energy efficient as possible. The transmission also has a manual mode.

Shifting gears with automatic transmission

For the small gear selector, change gear position by pushing the spring-loaded gear selector forward or rearward, or to the side for manual shifting. For the large gear selector, you instead move the gear selector to the left for manual shifting.

Automatic transmission symbols and messages

If a problem occurs with the transmission, a symbol and a message are displayed in the instrument panel.

All Wheel Drive (AWD)*

All-wheel drive (AWD* ), also called four-wheel drive, means that power is distributed to all four wheels, which improves traction.


The automatic transmission's shiftlock function helps prevent inadvertently moving the gear selector between different positions.

Deactivating the automatic shiftlock

If the vehicle does not have electrical current, the automatic shiftlock may be disengaged on vehicles equipped with the large gear selector. The shiftlock cannot be disengaged on vehicles equipped with the small gear selector.