Downloading and updating apps

When your car is connected to the Internet, you can easily download and update apps directly from the car's center display. You also have the option to uninstall apps.


Information for vehicles with Google built-in can be found in the vehicle's manual.

Managing apps

16w17 - P5 - Support site - Download Center Symbol

The apps are managed via Download Center in the application view.

The vehicle must be connected to the internet in order to download, update or uninstall apps. For more information on how you connect the car to the Internet, see Connect to the Internet via your mobile phone (WiFi), Connect to the internet via Bluetooth connected phone or Connect to the Internet via your car modem (P-SIM).

All apps used should be updated to the latest version.

16w17 - Support Site - Download center - display
Application view with the vehicle's apps.

Using the Download Center app

Download apps

To download an app, see the tutorial or follow the instructions below.

Open Download Center.
Select New apps to open a list of apps available but which are not yet installed in the car. Tap on the row for an app to expand the list to view more information about the app.
Select Install to start downloading the desired app.

Status for the installation is shown.

If a download cannot be currently started, a message is shown. The app will remain in the list and you can try to install it later.

Canceling download

Press Abort to cancel a download in progress.

Note that only the download can be canceled, the installation phase cannot be canceled once it has started.

Updating apps

See the video and instructions below for how to update apps.


Settings and menus in the center display vary depending on software version.

Install all available updates

Open Download Center.
Select Application updates to open a list of all available updates.
Select Install all.
Updating starts.

Install individual updates

Open Download Center.
Select Application updates to open a list of all available updates.
Find the desired app and select Install.
Updating starts.

If an app is used while it is updating, it will be restarted so that the update can be completed.

Uninstalling an app

An app that is being used must be closed so that the uninstall can be performed.
Open Download Center.
Select Application updates.
Select Installed applications to view a list of all installed apps
Find the desired app and select Uninstall.
When the app has been uninstalled, it disappears from the list.


Data downloading can affect other services such as transfer data, e.g. web radio. If the affect on other services is experienced as problematic, the download can be interrupted. Alternatively, it may be appropriate to switch off or cancel other services.

This article is applicable to

    Vehicle model/model year
  • XC90 and XC90 Twin Engine/Recharge Plug-in Hybrid of model years 2016 to 2022.

  • S90, V90 and V90 Cross Country of model years 2017 to 2021.

  • XC60, XC60 Twin Engine, V90 Twin Engine and S90 Twin Engine of model years 2018 to 2021.

  • XC40 from model year 2018 onward.

  • V60, V60 Twin Engine/Recharge Plug-in Hybrid, V60 Cross Country, S60, S60 Twin Engine/Recharge Plug-in Hybrid of model years 2019 to 2022.

  • XC40 Twin Engine/Recharge Plug-in Hybrid from model year 2020 onward.

  • Model range may vary from market to market.

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