Sending a destination to the vehicle's navigation system with the Volvo Cars app

If your vehicle is equipped with Volvo's navigation system Sensus Navigation*, you can use the Volvo Cars app to send destinations such as hotels, stores, movie theaters and restaurants to the vehicle and make the destination available in the navigation system.

Sending destinations to the navigation system

To search for a destination, go to the SuSi-21w22-VOC app icon position map textsymbol tab and select Send to vehicle.

You can also search among different categories, e.g. fuel.

Find parking near your destination

You can search for parking spots by tapping the parking symbol in the SuSi-21w22-VOC app icon position map textsymbol tab.


If the vehicle's navigation system is not factory-fitted, the configuration of the vehicle must be updated by an authorized Volvo retailer before it is possible to send a destination to the vehicle using the Volvo Cars app.
  1. * Option/accessory.

This article is applicable to

    Vehicle model/model year
  • Vehicles from model year 2012 onward equipped with Volvo On Call and Sensus Navigation

  • The range of available models, systems and services may vary from market to market.

  • Volvo On Call

  • Sensus Navigation

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