Managing battery and charging functions in the Volvo Cars app

In the Volvo Cars app you can find information on the vehicle's charging via the lightning icon in the SuSi-21w22-VOC app icon home tab.

Plug-in hybrids without Android Automotive1

  • Previous charging locations. See previous locations used for charging the vehicle.
  • Enter a location name. Enter a name and adapt the settings according to location selected.
  • Location-based scheduled charging. Adapt start and end times according to, among other things, price, carbon dioxide emissions, and demand, such as at night at home.
  • Exceeded scheduled charging. Set the vehicle to start charging immediately even though you have scheduled charging to start at a later time.
  • Location-based reminder. A reminder is sent if the car has not been plugged in 30 minutes after arrival in the vicinity of the saved location.

Electric cars

  • Scheduled charging. Set start and end times that are to be repeated every 24 hours. The function is not location-based.
  1. 1 Applies to certain markets.

This article is applicable to

    Vehicle model/model year
  • Plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles from model year 2015 onwards.

  • The range of available models, systems and services may vary from market to market.

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