Managing driving journals with the Volvo Cars app

The Volvo Cars app can automatically create a drive log which allows you to view a summary of your car journeys. You can categorize and name trips, export the driving journal, and more.

Activating or deactivating the driving journal

You can switch the driving journal on/off in the app settings in the SuSi-21w22-VOC app icon profile tab.

When the driving journal is activated, all users that are connected to your account can see the trips made with your vehicle. Journeys made over the last 100 days are saved. If the driving journal is deactivated, the vehicle stops sending information about new journeys. None of the phones connected to your account will be able to see new entries in the journal log.

Note that existing journeys are not deleted if the driving journal is disabled.

Export Driving journal

It is possible to transfer the data from the driving journal to other formats. This function can be used to create corporate car expense reports, for example. Information is stored about the trips made with the vehicle over the last 100 days. To avoid losing information about trips older than 100 days, it is advisable to export the driving journal to your email.

You can export the driving journal and send it to yourself in an email by editing the driving journal in the SuSi-21w22-VOC app icon car tab. The journal log can be sent as an Excel, CSV or text file. The file can be opened on the computer with programs such as Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Docs or OpenOffice Calc.

Categorize trips

In the driving journal view it is possible to categorize trips according to Business, Private or Unassigned. The trips can be filtered according to categories and you also have the possibility to choose the displayed range according to time interval.

Remove trip from Driving journal

Select Edit in the driving journal to delete a trip from the journal. Mark the trip(s) you want to delete and tap Edit.

If several accounts are connected to the vehicle, everybody sees the same view from the Volvo On Call data server. This means that if you remove a trip, change name or group trips in one cell phone, this is implemented for all users that the information is displayed for.

Name trips

You can name your trips and add your own notes. Select the trip you would like to edit in the driving journal and add Title or Note.

This article is applicable to

    Vehicle model/model year
  • V40, V70, XC70 and S80 from model year 2012 to model year 2019.

  • S60, V60 and XC60 from model year 2012 to model year 2018.

  • XC90 and XC90 Twin Engine/Recharge of model years 2016 to 2022.

  • S90, V90 and V90 Cross Country of model years 2017 to 2021.

  • XC40 from model year 2018 onward.

  • XC60, XC60 Twin Engine/Recharge, V90 Twin Engine/Recharge and S90 Twin Engine/Recharge of model years 2018 to 2021.

  • V60, V60 Twin Engine/Recharge and V60 Cross Country of model years 2019 to 2022.

  • XC40 Twin Engine/Recharge Plug-in Hybrid from model year 2020 onward.

  • S60 and S60 Twin Engine/Recharge of model years 2020 to 2022.

  • Applies for vehicles equipped with Volvo On Call.

  • The range of available models, systems and services may vary from market to market.

  • Volvo On Call

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