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IntelliSafe safety check when starting

When you start the car after it has been switched off completely, a safety check of the car's driver support systems is shown in the driver display. This is a new visual function that is being added with software to be released in November 2017.

Positioning toll tags on windshields with heat-reflective film

If you use a road toll tag or transmitter in your car to pass through road tolls, it is important that you position it correctly in the windshield.

Set the clock

The first time you use the car, or if the current to the car's battery has been cut, you may have to make time and date settings. It is important that the clock is set, in order to connect to the internet among other things.

Changed start/stop symbols

The start/stop function switches off the engine temporarily at a standstill and then starts it automatically when it is needed.

Traffic information providers

Information on which companies deliver traffic information to your car and its systems in different countries is found below.

Cargo area floor in V90 Cross Country - Volvo Ocean Race

V90 Cross Country - Volvo Ocean Race is equipped with an exclusive cargo area floor that is hard-wearing and polishable.

The remote control key's key blade and replacing the battery

The remote control key contains a detachable key blade that can be used, among other things, to unlock the left-hand front door if the battery in the remote control key is weak or discharged. You can replace the battery in your remote control key yourself.

Driver profiles

In order for your Volvo to be customized for you every time you get into the car, you have the option to save and protect your personal preferences in driver profiles. The driver profiles can be associated with the car's keys and when unlocking occurs the car settings are adjusted to the driver profile associated with the key being used.

Activating data sharing when starting a connected service or app

If you have not activated data sharing for a connected service or for downloaded apps, you can do this when starting them in your center display. The first time you start a service, or after e.g. a factory reset or certain software updates, you must also accept Volvo's terms and conditions for connected services.

Valet locking

When you leave your car for a service, at a hotel or similar, you can use the valet locking function to lock the glove box, trunk, luggage compartment lid, tailgate or rear seat. The valet locking function varies depending on car model.

Goo to know about the car's windows

All the car's power windows can be controlled from the driver's door and the respective door window can be controlled from the other respective doors. For certain models it is also possible to choose panoramic roof.

Data sharing settings for Volvo On Call

Data sharing for the Volvo On Call service is activated as default. This means that you do not have to activate data sharing for this service when you buy a new vehicle or after e.g. a factory reset.

Error messages from the tire pressure monitoring system in the instrument panel, e.g. after tire change or low inflation pressure

If you see the message Check Car Status app in center display in your instrument panel, you need to calibrate/save a new inflation pressure in the tire pressure monitoring system.

Cancel Route

You can easily cancel an ongoing route in the center display.

Settings for privacy and data sharing are unique for each driver profile

When you begin to use a new driver profile, the data sharing settings for the profile are set to the vehicle's default settings and are deactivated.

IntelliSafe - driver support and safety

IntelliSafe is Volvo Cars thinking about car safety and consists of a number of features that actively or passively help you with your driving in different situations. For example, the functions can help you to maintain a certain time interval to the vehicle in front of you, prevent a collision by giving a warning and braking the car, or help with parking.

Privacy and data sharing

Many connected services and apps need to be able to send and receive information and data. The data sharing function for your connected services and apps is deactivated as default. To use certain connected services and apps in the vehicle, you must manually activate data sharing for them.

New procedures for replacing rear wiper blade

If you have had your car in for a service and a service technician replaced the wiper arm for the rear wiper blade, the procedure for replacing the windshield wiper is different.

Wiper blades in service position

When replacing, cleaning or lifting the wiper blades, for example when scraping ice from the windshield, they must be in the service position.

Traffic information providers

Information on which companies deliver traffic information to your car and its systems in different countries is found below.

How do I notice that a safety function has been activated?

If you feel that the car behaves in a way you had not expected, it may be because one of the car's safety features has been activated.

Find the car's VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

In the event of contacting a Volvo dealer, for example about a Volvo On Call subscription, you must state the car's identification number VIN, (Vehicle Identification Number).

Automatic start of seat heating

The function for automatic start of seat heating varies depending on car model and differs between the driver's and passenger sides.

Associate driver profile to key

Personal settings for the seats, climate, audio, navigation and communication can be saved in the driver profiles and associate with one of the car's keys.

A dynamic symbol in the driver display

In Volvo's driver display there is a dynamic symbol that changes appearance if a function is activated or if the car needs your attention.

Handle cargo cover

The cargo cover provides an easy way to keep prying eyes from looking into your cargo area. Information on how to use the cargo cover can be found here.

Error message after tire replacement

After changing a tire, an error message may appear in the display. If this happens, the tire pressure monitoring system must be calibrated.

Edit and protect driver profile

You can save personal settings specific to you in a driver profile by protecting the profile. The settings currently active at the time of locking are then saved. You can also name or rename a profile whenever you wish.

Traffic information providers

Information on which companies deliver traffic information to your car and its systems in different countries is found below.

Operating the panoramic roof

The panoramic roof consists of a sun visor and a glass roof panel. You can adjust the panoramic roof settings as required and desired.

Driving with a trailer

There are a number of things to consider when towing a trailer, such as the towbar, the trailer and how the load is distributed in the trailer.

Pilot Assist and Lane Keeping Aid

Pilot Assist is a comfort function that can help you to keep your car within its lane and maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front of you. Lane Keeping Aid is a function which, in a similar way, can help you in some situations to reduce the risk of your car accidentally leaving its lane.

Collision avoidance assistance

The collision avoidance assistance function can help you to reduce the risk of the car accidentally leaving its lane and/or colliding with another vehicle or obstacle by actively steering the car back into the lane and/or swerving.

Activating data sharing for connected services and downloaded apps through the settings menu

You can activate data sharing for connected services and downloaded apps through the settings menu in your center display.

Driving vacations and long distance journeys

Be prepared and enhance your driving holidays and long journeys. Here you can find useful tips so that you and your Volvo are well equipped when you venture out onto the road.

Maintaining the interior

Updated 3/5/2020

Maintaining the interior

Using the car affects its interior. Leather and fabrics change and get a patina. Proper care and cleaning keeps the car fresh and clean for many years. Volvo has developed cleaning methods and products.


Check the car's interior regularly. Wipe plastic parts and dust off the instrument panel with a soft cloth. Regularly empty bins and other storage areas to ensure that no organic substances, like food or plants, remain for a long time.

Leather upholstery

Leather upholstery is a natural product that changes, acquiring a beautiful patina over time. To retain the leather's properties and color regular cleaning and treatment is required. Volvo offers a comprehensive product, Volvo Leather Care KitWipes, for the cleaning and treatment of leather upholstery. When the product is used according the instructions, the leather's protective coating is preserved.

To achieve as good results as possible, Volvo recommends the cleaning and application of the protective cream once to four times per year (or more often if required). Volvo Leather Care Kit/Wipes are available to purchase from Volvo dealers.

16w06 - Support site - Leather Care Kit

Volvo Leather Care Kit is available from your Volvo dealer.

Leather covered steering wheel

Leather needs to breath. Never cover the leather covered steering wheel with plastic. Volvo recommends Leather Care Kit/Wipes to clean leather covered steering wheels.

Fabric upholstery and headlining

When you need to clean fabrics or the headlining, never scrape or rub a stain as it may damage the upholstery. Never use a stain remover if there is a risk of it staining the upholstery.

Interior plastic, metal and wood parts

To clean interior parts and surfaces, a lightly dampened split fiber cloth or microfiber cloth is recommended, available at a Volvo dealer.

Never scrape or rub a stain. Never use strong stain removers.

The safety belts

Use water and synthetic detergents. Ensure that the belt is dry before it is retracted in again.


  • Some colored clothing (for example, dark jeans and suede garments) may stain the upholstery. If this occurs, it is important to clean and treat these parts of the upholstery as soon as possible.
  • Never use strong solvents such as washer fluid, gasoline or white spirit to clean the interior as this can damage the upholstery as well as other interior materials.
  • Never spray cleaning agent directly onto components that have electrical buttons and controls. Wipe instead with a cloth dampened with cleaning agent.
  • Sharp objects and Velcro can damage the car's textile upholstery.
  • Only use cleaning agent on the type of material it is intended for.

Cleaning the center display

The performance and legibility of the center display can be affected by dirt, spots and grease from fingers. Clean the screen frequently using a microfiber cloth as follows:

  1. Switch off the center display by a long press of the home button.
  2. Wipe the screen with the supplied microfiber cloth or use a different microfiber cloth of equivalent quality. The screen should be wiped with a clean and dry microfiber cloth using small circular movements. If necessary, moisten the microfiber cloth slightly with clean water.
  3. Activate the display with a short press of the home button.


The microfiber cloth must be free of sand and dirt when cleaning the center display.

When cleaning the center display, press against the screen gently, too much pressure can damage the screen.

Do not spray liquid or corrosive chemicals directly onto the center display. Do not use window cleaners, cleaning agents, aerosol sprays, solvents, alcohol, ammonia or detergents that contain abrasives.

Never use abrasive cloths, paper towels or tissue paper, as these may scratch the center display.

Mats and carpet

Remove the mats to be able to clean the carpets and mats separately. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any dust and dirt. Each mat is secured by lugs.

Remove the mat by grasping the mat by each lug and lifting the mat straight up.

Place the mat in position by pressing it into place by each lug.

Clean the stains on the carpet, after vacuuming, with a cleaning agent recommended by a Volvo dealer.


Only use one mat in each foot well and check that the mat in the driver's foot well is secure and correctly anchored so that it does not get trapped under the pedals.

Vehicle model/model year

Vehicle models up to and including model year 2019.

For vehicle models from and including model year 2020, see the online manual for that specific model.

This article is applicable to

Vehicle model/model year

Vehicle models up to and including model year 2019.

For vehicle models from and including model year 2020, see the online manual for that specific model.

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Privacy locking

The purpose of privacy locking, which, on some models is called valet locking, is to be able to lock the luggage compartment lid/tailgate and glove box but still be able to open the doors and start the car. Privacy locking is advantageous when leaving your car for a service or at a hotel.

To note when filling up

When filling up, it is important that the nozzle is inserted into the filler pipe fully and that it passes the pipe's two covers.