Hybrid-related information

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Accessories for Twin Engine

Volvo offers a range of accessories that facilitate charging and which make your everyday life more flexible.

Hold and Charge

With functions Hold and Charge you can control the hybrid battery charging while you drive. Hold and Charge have replaced the driving mode Save which was previously present in cars with hybrid motors.

The combustion engine may start automatically and/or does not switch off

During electric operation the car sometimes needs to start the combustion engine automatically due to external factors, which is completely normal. In low temperatures for example, this can happen so that the desired passenger compartment temperature can be achieved. In addition, the engine starts when the hybrid battery reaches its lowest state of charge.

If the tank valve is closed on the Twin Engine during refueling

When refueling your Twin Engine, it may be handy to know that the valve in the fuel filler flap closes a short while after you have pressed the button to open the fuel filler flap. If the valve closes before you are ready to refuel, you will need to press the button to open the fuel filler flap and reopen the valve.

Charging cable locks automatically

While you are packing your car, or if you have forgotten to lock the car, you may find that the charging cable has locked into the car's charging input socket automatically. This is to ensure that e.g. charging or preconditioning can be started and to increase the range for electric operation.

Range in electric mode for Twin Engine

By using the car's electric motor you can reduce fuel consumption and at the same time help save the environment. You can affect how far you can drive by frequently charging the car, using preconditioning and planning your trip.