Investor relations


Read about our company structure, management and responsibilities.

Code of conduct

Our code of conduct is a key part of our commitment to sustainability. It applies to everyone at Volvo Cars, as well as consultants and agency personnel under our direction.

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Board of Directors

Volvo Cars’ Board of Directors consists of 13 members, three of whom are trade union representatives. Here you can read a brief biography of each member, and about their responsibilities on the Board.

Board of Directors

Board committees

Our three board committees are responsible for monitoring the integrity of Volvo Cars' finances, as well as the governance of the Board of Directors.

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Company structure

An explanation and visual guide to the ownership and structure of Volvo Cars.
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Executive Management Team

The members of the Executive Management Team lead the management and operations of Volvo Cars. Find out about their backgrounds and current responsibilities.
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Risk management

How we categorise risk – into strategic, operational, financial and compliance risks – and the ways we report on, manage and mitigate risk to achieve our short and long-term objectives.
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