Additional Services

  • Owning your Volvo and caring for your Volvo can be extended beyond just servicing and maintaining your Volvo. With a wide range of additional services to choose from, you can expect that your Volvo receives the best care from Volvo trained technicians using genuine services to take the best care of your Volvo.

    Leather care

    We offer the leather care treatment and kit for your Volvo .Volvo’s Leather Care treatment will effectively remove dirt and grease from leather upholstery, whilst renewing the protective coating that creates a barrier against soiling and sunlight. Water-based, biodegradable and free from harmful agents, the leather care kit includes leather cleaner, leather protection cream, a non-woven polishing cloth and a washing sponge that help maintain the beautiful appearance of your leather upholstery. Volvo therefore recommends that leather upholstery should be treated two to four times a year using Volvo’s Leather Care kit to keep your Volvo's leather in great form and condition.

    Exterior and Interior detailing

    Your Volvo is subjected to harsh weather conditions of the region. Constant heat, dust , dry and humid weather affects the vehicle's exterior and interior. Exterior and interior detailing is one way to ensure that you mitigate the effects. Exterior detailing helps clean and polish the exterior paint surface and the interior detailing helps clean and protect the interior from dust and heat helping avoid colour fade and surface roughness. With Exterior and interior detailing available, your Volvo's physical appearance will remain the way you would always want your Volvo to look.

    Volvo Accessories

    With Volvo accessories, you can transform your Volvo in a unique and personal way. We offer a wide range of Volvo genuine and specially designed accessories for your Volvo.