Voice recognition

Voice recognition

Updated 11/9/2020

Voice recognition

Voice controlApplies to certain markets. allows you to control functions in the car, e.g. climate system, radio or a Bluetooth-connected phone with spoken commands. In cars equipped with Sensus Navigation*, the navigation system can also be controlled with voice recognition.

What is voice control?

Voice control is an aid that can facilitate the use of different commands in your car. In order to use voice control, certain specific commands must be used. It may therefore be a good idea to learn how, and in what order, a voice command should be spoken in order to achieve the desired result.

The voice control system allows you to control certain infotainment and climate functions using voice commands. The system can respond with speech and by showing information in the driver display.


The driver always holds overall responsibility for driving the vehicle in a safe manner and complying with all applicable rules of the road.


Voice control system microphone

System updating

The voice recognition system is continuously improved. It is recommended to always have the latest version installed.


Not all system languages support voice recognition. The ones that do are highlighted with the symbol in the list of available system languages. Read more about where the information can be found in the section on settings for voice recognition.

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