Electronic stability control

Electronic stability control

Updated 11/9/2020

Electronic stability control

Electronic Stability Control (ESCElectronic Stability Control) helps the driver to avoid skidding and improves the car's traction.

P5-1507-Symbol-ESC 19x19

The driver display shows this symbol when the system is engaged.

Braking from the system may be heard as a pulsing sound, and the car may accelerate more slowly than expected when applying the throttle.

The system consists of the following subfunctions:

  • Stability function

    Also known as Active Yaw Control.

  • Spin control and traction control system
  • Engine Drag Control
  • Trailer stability assist


  • The function is supplementary driver support intended to facilitate driving and make it safer – it cannot handle all situations in all traffic, weather and road conditions.
  • The driver is advised to read all sections in the Owner's Manual that relate to this function to learn about factors such as its limitations and what the driver should be aware of before using the system.
  • Driver support functions are not a substitute for the driver's attention and judgement. The driver is always responsible for ensuring the car is driven in a safe manner, at the appropriate speed, with an appropriate distance to other vehicles, and in accordance with current traffic rules and regulations.

Stability function

Also known as Active Yaw Control.

The function checks the driving and brake force of the wheels individually in order to stabilise the car.

Spin control and traction control system

The function is active at low speed and brakes the drive wheels that spin so that additional traction shall be transferred to the drive wheels that are not spinning.

The function can also prevent the driving wheels from spinning against the road surface during acceleration.

Engine Drag Control

Engine Drag Control (EDCEngine Drag Control) can prevent involuntary wheel lock-up, e.g. when engine braking on slippery road surfaces. Involuntary wheel locking while driving can, amongst other things, impair the driver's ability to steer the car.

Trailer stability assist*

Trailer stability assist is included when the Volvo genuine towbar is installed.

Trailer stability assist (TSATrailer Stability Assist) stabilises a car towing a trailer in situations where they begin snaking.


Trailer Stability Assist is deactivated if ESC Sport Mode is activated.

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