Changing radio band and radio station

Updated 11/9/2020

Changing radio band and radio station

There are instructions here for changing the radio band, the list in the radio band and the radio station in the selected list.

Changing radio band

Swipe to show the app view in the centre display and select the preferred radio band (e.g. FM), or open the driver display's app menu using the right-hand keypad on the steering wheel and make your selection from there.

Changing lists within the frequency band

P5-1717-Radio library stations

Press Library.

Select playback from Stations, Favourites, Genres or EnsemblesOnly applies to digital radio (DAB*)..

Tap on the desired station from the list.

Favourites - only plays back selected favourite channels.

Genres — only plays back channels broadcasting the selected genre/programme type, e.g. pop or classical.

Changing stations within the selected list

Press on or under the centre display or the steering wheel's right-hand keypad.

The highlight moves up or down one place in the selected playlist.

You can also change radio station in the selected list via the centre display.

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