Voice recognition control of a mobile phone

Voice recognition - voice commands

Updated 7/23/2018

It is possible to voice control certain functions in the multimedia system and in a Bluetooth®-connected mobile phone with predefined voice commands.

The driver initiates a dialogue with voice commands by pressing the button for voice recognition.

Once a dialogue has been started, commonly used commands will be shown in the screen.

When the driver becomes accustomed to the system, he/she can speed up the command dialogue and skip the prompts from the system, by briefly pressing the button for voice recognition.

Commands can be given in several ways

The command for searching for an audio track in the media player can be given in several stages or as a short command:

  • "Media search" > "Track" - Say "Media search", wait for the system to respond, and then go on to say "Track".


  • "Search for a track" - Say the short command in a sequence.

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