Tyre pressure monitoring* - adjust (recalibration)

Updated 7/23/2018

Tyre pressure monitoring (TPMS) (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)Option only in certain markets. warns the driver when the pressure is too low in one or more of the car's tyres.

TPMS can be adjusted in order to follow Volvo's tyre pressure recommendations, when driving with a heavy load for example.


The engine must not be running when the tyres are calibrated.


The settings are made with the control in the centre console, see MY CAR.

Inflate the tyres to the required pressure and select key position I or II.

Select the menu system MY CAR to open the menus for tyre pressure.

Select Calibrate tyre pressure.

Press OK.

Start the car and drive at least at 40 km/h for a total of at least 1 minute and check that the message disappears.

Then the TPMS is recalibrated to the new tyre pressure.

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