Wiper blades and washer fluid

Replacing the wiper blade, rear window

Updated 5/28/2021

Replacing the wiper blade, rear window

The wiper blades sweep water away from the windscreen and rear window. Together with washer fluid, they aim to clean the windows and ensure visibility while driving. Windscreen and rear window wiper blades can be replaced.

Replacing the wiper blade, rear window

P5-1817-V60-Change rear wiper_1

Lift the wiper arm from the windscreen and pull the upper section of the blade diagonally down to the right.

Grip the centre of the wiper arm and lift it from the windscreen to lock position.


There is a lock position at half extension angle that may feel like resistance. This lock prevents the arm from falling back against the windscreen. The wiper arm must be pulled past the lock for wiper blade replacement.

Grip just above the blade's centre bracket and pull diagonally down to the right until the blade loosens from the arm.

Lift the cover for the wiper arm's bracket. Be careful that the wiper arm does not mistakenly fall down to the windscreen again.

P5-1817-V60-Remove coils hose, rear wiper

Loosen the washer hose from the bracket.

Attach the new washer hose with associated wiper blade into the bracket. Fold down the cover for the wiper arm's bracket.


Make sure that the hose is routed in the same way as in the illustration. Otherwise it risks being pinched by the casing when it is lowered again.

Press the new wiper blade into place. You should hear a click. Check that it is firmly installed.

Lower the wiper arm.


Check the blades regularly. Neglected maintenance shortens the service life of the wiper blades.

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