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Updated 5/28/2021


The app view contains apps that give access to some of the car's services.

Swipe from right to leftApplies to left-hand drive cars. For right-hand drive cars - swipe in the opposite direction. across the centre display's screen in order to access the app view from the home view. Apps that have been downloaded (third-party apps) and apps for embedded functions, such as FM radio, are found here.

P6-17w46-XC40-Application view (no CD)

App view (schematic image, basic apps vary by market and model)

Some basic apps are always available. More apps such as web radio and music services can be downloaded when the car is connected to the Internet.

Certain apps are only available for use if the car is connected to the Internet.

Start an app by tapping on it.

All the apps used should be updated to the latest version.

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