Cruise control functions

Deactivating cruise control functions

Updated 5/16/2022

Deactivating cruise control functions

The cruise control functions can be deactivated using a button on the steering wheel. The function then switches to standby mode. This is applies to speed limiter (SLSpeed Limiter), automatic speed limiter (ASLAutomatic Speed Limiter), cruise control (CCCruise Control) and Pilot Assist*.

Press the steering wheel button .

The symbol and indicators in the driver display are extinguished – the selected cruise control function is set in standby mode.

When a different function is selected in the centre display, the driver display's symbol and the marker indicating a previously selected function are hidden – the set/stored max speed is then deleted.


When the cruise control functions are in standby mode, the driver must intervene and regulate both speed and distance to the vehicle ahead.

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