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Pilot Assist

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Automatic braking with cruise control functions

The driver support Pilot Assist* has a special brake function in slow traffic and while stationary. In certain situations, the parking brake is applied in order to keep the car stationary.

Setting the stored speed for cruise control functions

It is possible to set stored speed for the speed limiter, cruise control and Pilot Assist* functions.

Change of target with cruise control functions

In combination with automatic gearbox, driver support Pilot Assist* has functionality for change of target at certain speeds.


Pilot Assist*

Pilot Assist* can help the driver to drive the car between the lane's lane markings.

Display mode for Pilot Assist*

The following illustrative example shows how Pilot Assist* with and without steering assistance can be shown in the driver display* .

Symbols and messages for Pilot Assist*

A number of symbols and messages regarding Pilot Assist* can be shown. Here are some examples.

Standby mode for Pilot Assist*

Pilot Assist* can be deactivated and set in standby mode. This can take place automatically or be done by the driver.

Setting time interval to vehicle ahead

It is possible to set the time interval to the vehicle ahead to be maintained by Pilot Assist*.

Difference between Pilot Assist* and lane assistance

Pilot Assist is a comfort function that can help you to keep your car within its own lane and maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front of you. Lane assistance* is a function which, in a similar way, can help you in some situations to reduce the risk of your car accidentally leaving its own lane.

Warning from cruise control functions in the event of a collision risk

The driver support system Pilot Assist* can warn the driver if the distance to the vehicle ahead suddenly becomes too short.