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Owner's manual in centre display

Updated 11/15/2021

Owner's manual in centre display

The owner's manual is available in the car's centre displayApplies for most markets..


To learn about important safety instructions, and for as good an experience as possible, Volvo recommends that you read throughout all of the owner's information under each category in the centre display before driving for the first time.


The driver is always responsible that the vehicle is driven safely in traffic and that applicable laws and regulations are followed. It is also important that the car is maintained and handled in accordance with Volvo's recommendations in the owner's information.

Finding information in the car's centre display

You can access the owner's manual in the following ways:

Swipe from the top and down on the centre display in order to open the top view.

Tap on Owner's manual.

Find information by:

  • using the search function
  • navigating visually using exterior and interior images
  • clicking through categories.


The digital owner's manual is not available while driving.

Changing the language in the centre display may mean that some owner information does not match national or local laws and regulations. Do not switch to a language that is difficult to understand, as this may make it difficult to find your way back through the structure on screen.

Shortcut to related owner's information

There is a shortcut in the top view that opens an article in the owner's manual that is related to the content shown on the screen. For example, Navigation Manual – is a shortcut to an article concerning navigation.

This only applies to some of the apps in the car. For downloaded third party apps, for example, it is not possible to access app-specific articles.

Printed information and support site

Depending on equipment level selected, market, etc. additional owner's information may also be available in printed format in the car.

The associated supplement can be ordered. Contact a Volvo dealer to order.

The owner's manual is also at volvocars.com/intl/support.


If the information in the digital owner's manual and the printed supplement Featured articles from the owner's manual differ, the printed information takes precedence.

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