Driver display

Driver display

Updated 11/26/2021

Driver display

The driver display shows information about the car and driving.

The driver display contains gauges, indicators and indicator and warning symbols. The content of the driver display depends on the car's equipment, settings and which functions are active at that time.

The driver display is activated as soon as a door is opened, i.e. in ignition position 0. The driver display extinguishes after a while if it is not used. To reactivate it, proceed with one of the following:

  • Activate ignition position I.
  • Open one of the doors.


If the driver display should extinguish, not illuminate on activation/start or be fully or partially illegible, the car must not be used. You should visit a workshop immediately. Volvo recommends an authorised Volvo workshop.


In the event of a fault in the driver display the information on e.g. brakes, airbags or other safety systems may not be shown. In which case, the driver cannot check the status of the car's systems or receive current warnings and information.

P5-1717-All hybrid-Driver display updated values

The figure is schematic - parts may vary depending on car model.

Location in the driver display:

On the left

In the middle

On the right


Indicator and warning symbols

Tachometer/Hybrid gaugeDepends on drive mode selected.

Trip meter

Outside temperature gauge

Gear shift indicator

OdometerAccumulated mileage.


Drive mode

Cruise control and speed limiter information

Messages, in some cases with graphics

Fuel gauge

Road Sign Information*

Door and seatbelt information

Hybrid battery gauge

Charging status

Distance to empty tank

Media player

Distance to empty battery

Navigation map*

Instantaneous fuel consumption


App menu (activated via steering wheel keypad)

Voice control

Dynamic symbol

P5-1717-All-Soul symbol driver display

The dynamic symbol in its basic form.

The centre of the driver display contains a dynamic symbol that changes appearance for different types of message. An amber or red marker around the symbol indicates the degree of severity of a control or warning message.

P5-1646-xc90-Soul symbol in driver display 2

Examples of indicator symbol.

With an animation, the basic shape can be turned into a graphic showing where a problem is situated, or in order to clarify information.

P5-1846-All-Soul to car

The symbol in the driver display changes shape.

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