Pilot Assist

Display for adaptive cruise control and Pilot Assist*

Updated 11/15/2021

Display for adaptive cruise control and Pilot Assist*

The following sample illustration shows how adaptive cruise control* (ACCAdaptive Cruise Control) and Pilot Assist* can be shown in the driver displayThese functions can be either standard or optional, depending on market..


Px-2037-Melco-Adaptive Cruise Control graphic medium

Adaptive cruise control is selected and active.

Px-2037-Melco-Pilot Assist graphic medium

Pilot Assist is selected and active. Pilot Assist steering assistance is only active when the steering wheel symbol has switched from extinguished to lit up.

P5-XC90H-1519-Distance Warning symbol

There is a target vehicle ahead to follow. The time interval to the vehicle ahead is only regulated when the graphic shows a vehicle above.


P5-1507-Adaptive Cruise Control, Indication of speed

Indication of speeds.

Stored speed
Speed of vehicle ahead
Current speed of your car

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