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Care Key – restricted key

Updated 11/15/2021

Care Key – restricted key

A Care Key makes it possible for the owner of the car to limit the maximum speed of the car. The limitation is intended to encourage the car to be driven in a safe manner such as when being loaned out, for example.

P5P6-20w17-Care Key

The button functions for a Care Key are the same as for the standard key but the key is linked to a particular Care Key driver profile with pre-selected settings. Another key needs to be used to change the settings linked to the Care Key and to change to another driver profile.

The restriction that can be set using a Care Key is intended to increase security if the car is entrusted to, for example, a young or inexperienced driver, valet parking or a workshop.

Using Care Key

The restricted profile is activated when the car is unlocked using Care Key, or when the driver door is opened and the car detects a Care Key on the driver's side. The Care Key profile can also be activated via the menu when you choose a driver profile. This way, the standard key does not need to be removed.

To then activate a normal driver profile, the car must be unlocked using a key without restrictions.

Indication in driver display

A symbol in the driver display indicates when a Care Key is being used. A red dash on the speedometer shows the selected speed limitation.



P5-15w19-XC90H-Symbol-Restricted Key Limit

Speed limitation is active.

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