Remote control key

Locking and unlocking using the key's buttons

Updated 4/4/2022

Locking and unlocking using the key's buttons

The buttons on the key can be used to lock and unlock all doors and the tailgate simultaneously.

Locking using the key's buttons

16w17 - SPA - Remote Key with buttons

The figure is schematic.

Press the button to lock the car.

The driver's door must be closed in order for the lock sequence to be activatedIf the car is equipped with keyless locking/unlocking* then all side doors must be closed.. If any of the other doors or the tailgate is open, then these are not locked and their alarms armed* until they are closed. The alarm's movement detectors* are activated when all the doors and the tailgate are closed and locked.


A key that has been locked in the car is temporarily deactivated and cannot be used before the car has been unlocked using another valid key. The double lock function is also deactivated.

Locking when the tailgate is open


If the car has been locked while the tailgate is open, be careful not to leave the key in the cargo area when the tailgate is closedIf the car is equipped with keyless locking/unlocking* and the key is detected inside the car, the tailgate will not lock when it is closed..

Unlocking using the key's buttons

Press the button to unlock the car.

Automatic relocking

If none of the doors or the tailgate is opened within 2 minutes of unlocking, they are locked automatically. This function prevents the car from being left unlocked unintentionally.

If the key is not working

If it is not possible to lock or unlock with the key, the battery may be discharged - in which case, lock or unlock the driver's door with the detachable key blade.

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