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Ordering additional keys

Updated 11/15/2021

Ordering additional keys

If a key is lost or you need more keys than the standard number, it is possible to order new keys. If the car is equipped with keyless locking and unlocking* a button-less key (Key Tag) can also be ordered.

A total of twelve keys can be programmed and used for one single car. If additional keys are ordered, additional driver profiles are added – one per new key. This also applies for the key tag.

If you lose a key

If you lose a key then a new one can be ordered through a Volvo dealer or an authorised Volvo workshop. The code of the missing key must be erased from the system as a theft prevention measure. Access to all remaining keys is required during a workshop visit.

The current number of keys registered to the car can be checked via driver profiles in the centre display's top view – select SettingsSystemDriver Profiles.

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