Remote control key

The key's range

Updated 11/15/2021

The key's range

In order for the key to work properly, it needs to be within a certain distance from the car.

Using the key's buttons

The key's functions that are controlled by pressing a button have a range of approx. 20 metres (65 feet) from the car.

If the car does not verify a button being pressed - move closer and try again.

For keyless* use

P6-1746-XC40-Remote key range

For keyless use, a key must be within a distance of approx. 1 to 1.5 metres (3 to 5 feet) from the car's doors or tailgate.


The key functions may be disrupted by surrounding radio waves, buildings, topographical conditions, etc. The car can always be locked/unlocked with the key blade.

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