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XC40 Recharge Plug-in Hybrid
2022 Late

Cargo area

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Cargo area

The car has a flexible cargo area that makes it possible to transport and secure large objects.

Bag hooks

Bag hooks keep carrier bags in place and prevent them from overturning and spreading their contents across the cargo area.

First aid kit*

The first aid kit contains first aid equipment.

Remove and store the parcel shelf

The parcel shelf can be removed to increase the size of the cargo area.

Folding up the cargo area floor

The cargo area floor can be secured in raised position using the support arm.

Load retaining eyelets

Use the load retaining eyelets to attach straps in order to anchor items in the cargo area.

Warning triangle

Use the warning triangle to warn other road users if the car is stationary in traffic.

Unlocking the tailgate with a key button

There is a button on the key to unlock the tailgate only.

Setting the max. opening for electrically operated tailgate*

Set the amount the tailgate should be opened if the car is, for example, parked in a garage with limited headroom.

Operating the tailgate with foot movement*

The tailgate can be opened and closed using a foot movement* under the rear bumper. The function makes things easier when your hands are full.

Unlocking the tailgate from the inside of the car

The tailgate can be unlocked from inside the car using a button beside the steering wheel on the instrument panel.

Keyless unlocking of the tailgate*

With keyless locking and unlocking, it is sufficient to press lightly on the rubberised pressure plate underneath on the tailgate handle to unlock.