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Lowering the backrests in the rear seat

Updated 11/15/2021

Lowering the backrests in the rear seat

The rear seat's backrest is divided into two parts. The two parts can be folded forward individually.


  • Adjust the seat and fix it before driving away. Take care when adjusting the seat. Uncontrolled or careless adjustment can lead to trapping injuries.
  • When loading long objects, they must always be strapped in securely to avoid injury and damage during sudden braking.
  • Always switch off the car and apply the parking brake when loading and unloading the car.
  • For cars with automatic gearbox, set the gear selector in P to prevent it from being moved by mistake.


There must be no objects on the rear seat when the backrest is to be folded down. The seat belts must not be connected either. Otherwise there is a risk of damaging the rear seat upholstery.


The armrest* for the centre seat must be raised before lowering the seat.

The through-load hatch* in the rear seat must be closed before lowering.


The front seats may need to be pushed forwards, and the backrests adjusted upwards, in order that the rear backrests can be fully folded forward.

Lowering the backrest

To facilitate folding of the rear seat, the car must be stationary and at least one rear door open.

P6-1817-XC40-Folding rear seat manually from back seat

Ensure that there are no occupants or objects in the rear seat.

Lower the centre seat's head restraint manually.

Pull the handles located on the car's left and right-hand backrests forwards to fold down the left and right-hand part of the rear seat respectively.

The backrest disengages from the lock and needs to be lowered manually to the horizontal position.

Raising the backrest

Raising the backrest to upright position is carried out manually:

Move the backrest up/back.

Press the backrest until the lock engages.

Raise the head restraints manually.

If necessary, raise the centre seat's head restraint.


When the backrest has been raised, the red indicator should no longer be showing. If it is still showing then the backrest is not locked in place.


Check that the backrests and head restraints in the rear seat are locked properly after being folded up.

The head restraints of the outer seats must always be raised when there are passengers on any of the rear seats.

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