Downloading apps

Updated 11/15/2021

Downloading apps

New apps can be downloaded when the car is connected to the Internet.


The speed of other online services may be affected during the download. You can cancel the download and restart it later, or prioritise the update by switching off other online services, such as Internet radio.


When downloading using a phone, pay extra attention to the data traffic costs.

Open the Download Centre app in the app view.

P5-1617-Icon-App screen-Over the air

Select New apps in order to open a list of apps that are available but not installed in the car.

Tap on the row for an app in order to expand in the list and get more information about the app.

Select Install in order to start the download and installation of the desired app.

The status of the download and installation is shown while it is in progress.

A message is shown if a download cannot be started for the moment. The app will remain in the list and it is possible to try to start a download again.

Cancelling the download

Tap on Abort to cancel a download in progress.

Note that only the download can be cancelled, when the installation phase has started, this cannot be cancelled.

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