Electric operation and charging

General information on electric drive

Updated 11/15/2021

General information on electric drive

The car is equipped with a rechargeable hybrid batteryOf the lithium-ion type.. The electric motor drives the car mostly at low speeds, the petrol engine at higher speeds, as well as during more active driving.

Charging the hybrid battery

2146-PHEV-Placement of charging inlet

The hybrid battery is charged via a charging cable, but can be charged by gentle braking and engine braking in gear position B. The hybrid battery can also be charged by the car's engine. The car's starter battery is charged when the hybrid battery is charging.

The time it takes for the hybrid battery to be charged is dependent on the amperage that is used.

While driving

The driver display shows charging information, selected drive mode, distance to empty battery, and the hybrid battery's charge level.

It is possible to set the car in different drive modes while driving, e.g. electric operation only or, when power is required, both electric motor and petrol engine. The car calculates a combination of drivability, driving experience, environmental impact and fuel economy according to the drive mode selected.

Effect of temperature

The hybrid battery with associated electrical drive systems, as well as the petrol engine and its drive systems, will work better at the correct operating temperature.

If the hybrid battery's temperature is below -10 ºC (14 ºF) or above 40 ºC (104 ºF) then it may mean that some of the car's functions are changed or unavailable because the capacity of the hybrid batteries is reduced outside this temperature range.

Electric operation is not possible if the temperature of the battery is too low or too high.

Important to know


The capacity of the hybrid battery decreases slightly with age and use, which may result in increased use of the petrol engine and thereby slightly increased fuel consumption.


Replacing the hybrid battery must only be performed by a workshop - an authorised Volvo workshop is recommended.

Exterior engine noise


Remember that the car does not emit any engine noise when it is only powered by the electric motor and may therefore be difficult to notice by children, pedestrians, cyclists and animals. This is especially true at low speeds, such as in car parks.

High-voltage current

P5-1507-Symbol Elecric warning


Several components in the car work with high-voltage current that could be dangerous in the event of incorrect intervention. These components, and all orange-coloured cables, must only be handled by qualified personnel.

Do not touch anything that is not clearly described in the owner's manual.

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