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Rear fog lamp

Updated 7/10/2020

Rear fog lamp

The rear fog lamp is considerably stronger than the normal rear lights and should only be used in reduced visibility due to fog, snow, smoke or dust so that other road users have an early warning of a vehicle ahead.

P5-1507 Button, rear fog light

Button for rear fog lamp.

The rear fog lamp is a lamp at the rear of the car, on the driver's side.

The rear fog lamp can only be switched on when ignition position II is active and the rotating ring on the stalk switch is in position or .

Press the button to switch the lights on/off. The symbol in the driver display illuminates when the rear fog lamp is switched on.

The rear fog lamp switches off automatically when the car is switched off or when the rotating ring on the stalk switch is set to the or position.


Regulations on the use of rear fog lamps vary from country to country.

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