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Lighting control

Updated 7/10/2020

Lighting control

The different lighting controls are used to control both exterior and interior lighting. The left-hand stalk switch activates and adjusts the exterior lighting. The interior brightness is adjusted using a thumbwheel on the instrument panel.

Exterior lighting

P5-1617 Stalk with turning ring

Rotating ring in the left-hand stalk switch.

When the car's electrical system is in ignition position II, the following functions are available for the rotating ring's different positions:



Daytime running lights.

Main beam flash can be used.

Daytime running lights and position lamps.

Position lamps when the car is parked.If the car is stationary but running, the rotating ring can be moved to position from another position to switch on only the position lamps instead of other lighting.

Main beam flash can be used.

Dipped beam and position lamps.

Main beam can be activated.

Main beam flash can be used.

Daytime running lights and position lamps in daylight.

Dipped beam and position lamps in weak daylight or darkness, or when the front fog lamp* and/or rear fog lamp are activated.

The Active main beam function can be activated.

Main beam can be activated when dipped beam is switched on.

Main beam flash can be used.

Active main beam on/off.

Volvo recommends that mode is used when the vehicle is driven.


The car's lighting system is not able to determine when daylight is too weak or sufficiently strong, e.g. in fog and rain, in all situations.

The driver is always responsible for ensuring that the car is driven with a beam pattern suitable for the traffic situation and in accordance with applicable traffic regulations.

Thumbwheel in instrument panel

P5-1507-USA-lighting panel

Thumbwheel (to left) for adjusting interior brightness.

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