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Change of market when importing or relocating

Updated 5/16/2022

Change of market when importing or relocating

For the online services offered by Volvo to work correctly when you import a car, or relocate to another country, it is important that you contact an authorised Volvo dealer to register the car with Volvo in the new market.

Visit an authorised Volvo dealer

For example, if you import a car or relocate to another country with your car, you should take your car to an authorised Volvo dealer for assistance with registering the car in the new market. If you do not do this then you may experience that apps, Volvo On CallApplicable only to markets that have access to Volvo On Call., software downloads and other online services are affected and do not work correctly.

Creating a new Volvo ID in your new home market

When you relocate to another country you should create a Volvo ID in the new country. If you have already created a Volvo ID in another country and want to use the same email address, you must first delete your Volvo ID in the region you originally created it. Alternatively, you can create a new Volvo ID using another e-mail address.

Download the Volvo On Call appApplies to Volvo On Call markets.

If you have a car equipped with Volvo On Call, you should download the Volvo On Call app from the country in which the car will be used and then link the app to your car.


Visit an authorised Volvo dealer if you have imported or relocated with your car to a new country.

Available services may vary depending on market and car model.

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