Pilot Assist

Display for adaptive cruise control and Pilot Assist*

Updated 11/9/2020

Display for adaptive cruise control and Pilot Assist*

The following sample illustration shows how adaptive cruise control (ACCAdaptive Cruise Control) and Pilot Assist can be shown in the driver displayThese functions can be either standard or optional, depending on market..


Px-2037-Melco-Adaptive Cruise Control graphic medium

Adaptive cruise control is selected and active.

Px-2037-Melco-Pilot Assist graphic medium

Pilot Assist is selected and active. Pilot Assist steering assistance is only active when the steering wheel symbol has switched from extinguished to lit up.

P5-XC90H-1519-Distance Warning symbol

There is a target vehicle ahead to follow. The time interval to the vehicle ahead is only regulated when the graphic shows a vehicle above.


P5-1507-Adaptive Cruise Control, Indication of speed

Indication of speeds.

Stored speed
Speed of vehicle ahead
Current speed of your car

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