Cargo area

Bag hooks

Updated 11/9/2020

Bag hooks

Bag hooks keep carrier bags in place and prevent them from overturning and spreading their contents across the cargo area.

Along the sides

P5-1507 Bag holders in side panel

There are two extensible bag hooks in the side panels - one on each side of the cargo area.


The bag hooks may be loaded with a maximum of 5 kg (11 lbs).

Under the floor hatch*

Applies to cars with 5 seats.

P5-1846-XC90-Bag holder under load floor

There are two bag hooks and an elastic strapIt is possible to reorder additional elastic straps at a Volvo dealer. in the cover, which is part of the floor hatch in the cargo area. The strap can be fitted in four different positions.

Lift up the cover in order to use the bag hooks. Fasten the bags in a suitable position with the enclosed elastic strap. If the bags have handles and are a suitable height - hang them in the hooks.

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