Safety net, safety grille and cargo cover

Fitting and removing cargo cover*

Updated 11/9/2020

Fitting and removing cargo cover*

In the extended position, the cargo cover prevents visual access to the cargo area.

Fitting cargo cover

P5-1507 Load cover

Insert one of the cargo cover's end pieces in the recess in the side panel in the cargo area.

Then insert the other end piece in the recess in the side panel on the opposite side.

Press down the end pieces on both sides - one by one.

When a "click" is heard and the red marking on each end piece has disappeared, the cargo cover is attached - check that it is affixed securely.

Removing cargo cover

In retracted position:

Depress the button on one of the retracted cargo cover's end pieces and lift out that end.

In a 7-seat car - release the third seat row's seatbelt locking tabs from the hooks above the side panels.

Angle the cover up/out carefully.

The other end piece loosens automatically and the cover can be lifted out of the cargo area.

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