Front seat

Adjusting massage settings* in the front seat

Updated 11/9/2020

Adjusting massage settings* in the front seat

Both the multi-function control on the seat and the centre display can be used in order to change the settings. The range of settings is shown in the centre display.

Adjusting massage settings in the front seat

The front seat has massage in the backrest. The massage is performed by air cushions that can massage with different settings.

The massage function can only be activated when the car's engine is running.

P5-1507-Multifunction front seat-functions

Activate the multi-function control by turning the control upwards/downwards. The seat settings view will be shown in the centre display.

Select Massage in the seat settings view.

To choose between the different massage functions, select either directly in the centre display or by moving the cursor up/down using the multi-function control's upper /lower button. Change the setting in the selected function directly in the centre display, by pressing the arrows, or by using the multi-function control's front /rear button.

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