Memory function for front seat

Storing position for seat, door mirrors and head-up display*

Updated 11/9/2020

Storing position for seat, door mirrors and head-up display*

You can store the position for power* seat, door mirrors and head-up display* in the memory buttons.

Store three different positions for the power* seat, the door mirrors and the head-up display* using the memory buttons. The buttons are located on the inside of one of the front doors or both*.

P5-1507-Memory function front seat door
Memory button.
Memory button.
Memory button.
Button M for storing settings.

Storing a position

Adjust seat, door mirrors and head-up display to the desired position.

Press and hold the M button depressed. The light indicator in the button illuminates.

Within three seconds, press and hold the 1, 2 or 3 button.

When the position has been stored in the selected memory button, an acoustic signal can be heard and the light indicator in the M button extinguishes.

If none of the memory buttons is depressed within three seconds then the M button extinguishes and no storing takes place.

The seat, the door mirrors or the head-up-display must be readjusted before a new memory can be set.


All driver profiles need to be set in Protect Profile mode in order for the stored positions to work.

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