Sensus is our way of connecting you effortlessly with your Volvo and the world around you. Sensus innovations include intuitive interfaces that put you in control, audio systems and apps that entertain, and connectivity that keeps you in touch wherever you are. Sensus has a simple aim: to make your life easier and more fun.

A connected, enjoyable experience

Sensus Connect is the range of features that enrich the experience in your Volvo, including premium audio systems, enhanced connectivity and media functions and apps that entertain and inform.

A new way to connect

Controlling your car is easy as talking, with voice control via Microsoft Band 2 and the Volvo On Call app. Simply speak instructions and your Volvo can perform tasks such as setting the navigation, starting the heater or locking the doors on demand. And if you can’t find your Volvo in a crowded car park, just ask it to flash the lights or sound the horn