Autonomous driving

The Drive Me trial in Gothenburg has started

The first Drive Me families have started using cars fitted with Volvo’s driver assistance technology. They will be gradually introduced to more advanced systems for assisted driving, after receiving special training.

Stay tuned as we continue our journey from assisted driving to autonomous cars with the same care and thoroughness that has helped us design some of the world's safest cars throughout the years.

What is autonomous driving?

We believe that mobility should be safer, sustainable and more convenient. For Volvo Cars, technology should make people’s lives easier. That’s why our approach to autonomous driving is all about the people that will use them. Our future cars will be able to navigate without human input, equipped with sensors that read the surroundings, adapting to changing traffic conditions.

Unsupervised driving

In unsupervised autonomous mode, a vehicle performs all the driving because it is safe to rely on the technology to steer, brake and accelerate. People on board the vehicle are not expected to have control of the car.

Supervised driving

For years, Volvos have been able to support the driving experience, helping the vehicle keep its distance with the car in front or staying in the lane. However, even cars that offer steering, distance, and speed support need constant supervision by the driver.

Why autonomous cars?

Unsupervised autonomous cars will revolutionise society, boost global economies and transform the way we manage our time. As the biggest change to personal mobility since the invention of the car 130 years ago, we think there’s a lot to look forward to. At Volvo Cars we believe that our first unsupervised autonomous vehicles will be in the market by 2021. What makes our approach to autonomous driving so unique is that we focus on people – not just on technology.

A safer journey – for everyone

Future autonomous Volvos will be even better at avoiding potential collisions than today’s cars. Because almost all road accidents are caused by human behaviour, journeys will be safer for all mobility users.

Save fuel and get a smoother ride

Because Volvo’s future unsupervised autonomous cars will know the conditions on the road ahead, they will optimise the use of the engine or brakes, reducing fuel consumption. By eliminating unnecessary acceleration, your autonomous vehicle will be quieter and more respectful with the environment.

Always find a parking space

In the future, you’ll be able to let your Volvo park itself, while you get on with other things. These cars will be able to find and park in a space, and even drop you off where you want to go first.

Relax on board

The least exciting part of your commute and those long journeys will no longer require your constant attention. Thanks to self-driving technology you will always arrive fresh at your destination.

Lower insurance premiums

Insurance premiums for self-driving cars could be much lower in the future. Think about it: the sensors that enable autonomous technology won’t get tired or distracted, greatly reducing the chance of a costly collision.

Get your time back

In a future self-driving Volvo, you will be able to decide how to spend the time on your commute. You will be free to read a book, prepare for a meeting, watch a movie or even learn new skills. With the average commute taking about 50 minutes per day, this will have a huge impact on our lives.

How we got here

Today, Volvo Cars is a leading authority on autonomous technology. Explore the technical innovations and the research that have enabled us to be confident about our future self-driving vehicles.