The finishing touch

The cars are built to your specifications. But you choose how to make them unique. Our accessories let you equip your car to suit your own way of living.

Comfort and protection

We provide a full range of car seats for children up to the age of ten. You can read about them, find the necessary advice and support, and configure your own seating arrangement here on our Child Seats page. 

Volvo Cars Accessories

Everyday to adventurous, life-saving to lifestyle-defining. You’ll find the accessory you’re looking for in our range, as well as plenty of room for inspiration.

More than you might imagine

The Volvo Cars Lifestyle Collection consists of a huge range of quality products, covering everything from premium leatherware to fully-featured, miniature ride-on versions of our cars. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a fellow Volvo lover, or something to brighten up your own day, you’ll find it in here.

Keep it luxurious

Settling into a leather-clad car seat is an unmistakable luxury, and one that you don’t want to fade over time. Showing the leather a little care and attention means that it’ll continue to give back plenty in return. The leather care kit has been put together just for the exclusive leather we use in our interiors. It comes complete with a bottle of cleaning fluid, designed to remove any dirt from the surface of the leather kindly and effectively, and a protective cream that nourishes and shields the material. An application and washing sponge and polishing cloth complete the set. Leather wipes - for day-to-day care of the upholstery and quick spot removal - are also available

More than comfort

Our range of child seats contains something for children of different sizes and ages, from infants to ten-year-olds. They’re clad in premium wool upholstery, designed for ease of use and comfort over long journeys, and simple to adjust. But that’s not all. We’ve been keeping children safe in cars for decades, and have built all of that experience and expertise into the designs of these seats. As a result, they keep their occupants secure and comfortable, providing drivers and families with even more peace of mind. See more

Choose your model

Select your own car to find out more about the specific accessories available. If you can’t find your car, browse the catalogue.