Additional Services

  • Here at Volvo Kuwait we want to make your Volvo ownership enjoyable experience and we work hard to offer you additional services that go beyond servicing and maintenance. We come up with wide range of additional services especially designed for you to choose from to ensure that your Volvo enjoys the best tender love and care from our fully trained workforce.

    Aircomatic service

    Volvo Aircomatic service is a cleaning process that uses the car circulation system to carry a fine mist all the way into the evaporator, thus eliminating odours and deodorising the system. This process is effective in the elimination of mould mildew, fungus and bacteria as well as unpleasant aromas and ensuing that your Volvo’s AC system stays clean while offering your pleasant and fresh deodorised air.

    Leather care

    Since all Volvo cars we sell in Kuwait come with leather seats as standard ensuring that your seats stay in a good condition we offer you leather upholstery care which renews the protective coating of the seats as well as creating barrier against soiling and sunlight.

    Exterior and Interior detailing

    To keep your Volvo looking its best while to take into consideration the harsh Gulf climate that might affect your Volvo’s interior and exterior we offer detailing services that have been designed in order to minimise such affects. This service is undertaken by our professional team of highly trained detailers who will take care of your car.

    Volvo Accessories

    We offer wide range of Volvo accessories to suit your Volvo needs, please contact our Spare Parts Department for more details.